Vald. Henriksen Jiggers are used for pre-treatment, washing and dyeing of woven fabrics and are highly versatile machines.

The Atmospheric Jigger is available in maximum batch diameters 700, 1100 and 1400 mm and the High Temperature Jigger in a maximum batch diameter 700, 1200 and 1400 mm.

All systems are equipped with the unique drive system which accurately maintains fabric tension and keeps track of shrinkage as well as elongation. These features guarantee crease-free running, and accurate sampling.

The advanced process control system for temperatures, chemical dosing, liquor ratio and process time guarantee first time right processing and full reproducibility.

Atmospheric Jigger
Atmospheric Jigger


High-Temperature Jigger
High-Temperature Jigger


Pre-treatment is a critical phase in textile finishing. Consistent desizing, scouring and bleaching is the basis for reproducible and high quality results for any form of dyeing and printing. Vald. Henriksen Jiggers are equipped with the process control systems, the mechanical running properties and the washing capabilities needed to meet the highest pre-treatment standards.


The Vald. Henriksen Jigger has a unique washing mode, based on the combination of a low bath level and a continuous water supply, according to actual machine speed and fabric weight. During every single passage the fabric passes through water with very low contamination at any time. The maximum exchange created by this situation increases the washing efficiency, combining low water consumption with even and reproducible results.


The result of the dyeing process is determined by 4 main parameters: temperature, time, concentration of dyestuff and liquor ratio. The Vald. Henriksen Jigger controls all these parameters within tight tolerances based on stored process recipes. Batches of the same fabric type will always be exposed to the same liquor ratio and the same process time, irrespective of batch length. The continuous dosing system maintains constant concentration for dyes throughout the process. The result: side to center differences and tailing are a thing of the past, while reproducibility and first time right results become the standard.


The Vald. Henriksen Jigger facilitates crease-free running of any type of woven fabrics at speeds up to 150 m/min. This is realized by a highly accurate pre-set tension control using a unique mathematical formula. This combination makes it possible to operate in a wide tension range with very low tension fluctuations, ensuring good and even penetration of liquor while avoiding crease-marks.


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