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Founded in 1945 Vald. Henriksen B.V. is by far the world’s most successful supplier of Jigger systems. The famous gearbox system was already patented in 1945. While being the leading supplier of Jiggers, Henriksen introduced various other machines, like yarn dyeing equipment in the nineteen fifties and Jet dyeing machines and Tumble dryers in the nineteen eighties.

Since the second half of the 1990’s Vald. Henriksen B.V. returned to its core activity and started development of a new generation of Jiggers, both atmospheric as well as higher temperature.

In 2002 Vald. Henriksen B.V. became a member of the Vanwyk group of companies in Holland. In this new situation and based on more than half a century of experience and market leadership with more than 8000 machines delivered worldwide, Vald. Henriksen B.V. provides the technology to meet the customers’ demands and continues to set the standard in all fields of Jigger processing.

Next to Vald. Henriksen B.V., the Vanwyk group consists of the following two companies:

Brugman Holland
Founded in 1954 Brugman has become one of the world's leading manufacturers of wet-finishing equipment. In 2002 Brugman Holland became a member of the Vanwyk group of companies.

Vanwyk Systems B.V.
Founded in 1959, Vanwyk Systems B.V. is the leading manufacturer of high-accuracy liquid and powder dispensing equipment.



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